Specifically, one of the wide fear and greatest challenges when it comes to rally race (even in other sporting activities) is ensuring success in safeguarding and safety during the course of the sport.

Despite this fear which racers do harbour, the waiting audience seems to be unaware of this fear and they tend to be naive about the unforeseen circumstances and accident that may ensue during the race. Consequently, this watching audience are always interested in the result of the game and thus, in a situation where the racers are dangerously speeding, the crowd are not always concern about safety. Also, the lack of the safety knowledge can place the audience in dangerous situation. The above assertion can practically occur when the audience risk the excitement that they get in the game and in that course places themselves in bad position which is dangerous all in the name of getting clearer view of the game.

John Andretti Petty car Pocono June 98

This article will roughly serve as a safety guide in rally race and of course, this article will tend towards safety education of both the racer and spectators.

Fundamentally, this sport that is rally race, is a game of rules and thus, there is a traditional establishment of safety plans in case of any accident or danger situations.

For the spectators' safety, the assurance of their safety can be established when the stage is being prepared and in that course, possible danger spots are located and restricted for spectators to sit. Such spots may include a sharp bend with tree, a big drop or damaged Armco barriers.

For driver's safety, there are certain measures that must be fundamentally ensured and these steps must be careful used by drivers.

Rally Safe

To successfully delve into these steps, one must carefully understand the safety procedures patiently.

STEP ONE : The driver must know all the rules and procedures guiding the course of driving and precautions during dangerous situations. The driver must learn lessons like the rule of who backs up when you are in a single lane road and how to come up against the other driver on a slope. These rules are certain and fundamental, but it must be on a safe mode practice.

STEP TWO : For the driver must be fully kitted and must ensure proper sitting position and the buckling of seatbelt. Driver with the knowledge of the rules of driving must know when it is safe to overtake and when to take a good drift.

STEP THREE : During accident, before the stage commander will get to receive the report of any accident or before all medical team will show up, it is essential to find a means to send the message across to any other driver nearby through signal options that are well designed.

Apart from safety measure, it is essential for a driver to be well-kitted and part of the kitting process is to get a good racing shoe - check out this website This enables you to be freely in control of your game as a driver.

Finally, upon prevention of accident, it is essential for racers to be concentrated as concentration is one essential thing that any sport man need to achieve a positive result.

According to a sport man, "concentration can be said to be the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary." And to couple the definition, it is essential to conclude with the sport psychological ethics which dictate that a good chance is ascertained in the course of driving during rally race.